Jamie Flaxman Garden Construction
We love to make things easier for you! Our landscaping and construction services will help give your property a new lease of life. We want to help your property to be more pleasing to the eye. Our mission is to get in and out without causing any disruption to your day. Our hyper-focused insights on landscaping will put your mind at ease and allow you to achieve your desired end result. At Jamie Flaxman Garden Construction, we maintain a large catalogue of landscaping services to provide you with an in-depth and well-researched choice. We pride ourselves on helping you get from A-to-B whether that be through fencing, driveways, turning etc.


We love what we do here at Jamie Flaxman Garden Construction! By providing landscaping and construction services in Norton, it enables our customers to enhance the look of their property as well increasing the overall value of the property. Landscaping also refers to the sustainable development of plants. Those areas lead to biodiversity and controls flood. Our clients can be reassured that their property is taken care of in our hands, because of our skills and knowledge. Our main objective is to ensure that your landscape is taken care of in the best way possible, and you receive the service you require! We can provide you with the service that is required for you, with the latest and up-to-date skills and products the marketplace has to offer. Contact us today for any of our landscaping and construction services and find out how we can help.
  • Landscaping

    We can give you a garden that you can be proud of. Our landscaping services will help transform your tired-looking garden into a place where you want to spend time in.

  • Turfing

    Turfing converts carbon dioxide into oxygen. We offer you high quality turfing in Norton. Turf also help in reducing energy consumption. and provides a cooling effect.

  • Dry Stone Walling

    The purpose of dry stone walling in Norton is to control the movement of water and soil. Dry Stone Walling is done to provide a strong and can last up to 100 years.